Addressing Australia’s loneliness epidemic

We’re excited to share the first taster of new series “Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds” by ABC TV + iview. Playgroup Australia and our member state and territory organisations our proud to be sharing the journey of such a great news story. The new series is set to air on Tuesday 27 August on ABC + ABC iView. It’s stories like these that inspire our national Ageless Play program.

Watch the series preview:

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  1. This is the most beautiful show on tv. Congrats to the ABC for bringing it to out tvs. Let’s hope more aged care facilities get on board.

  2. Such a beautiful, heart warming and tear jerking show. The benefits for both children and residents are palpable. I hope it becomes the model for aged care across Australia.

  3. Truly beautiful, life is a circle and this is truly what we are seeing! We are honoured to see the wise intergrate
    The young. I am so excited my daughter doesn’t have her grand parents here in Australia and this gives
    Me joy and excitement to hopefully let me child have this here! So much love to share from both ends

  4. My son spends time with a World War 2 pilot, Harry, at a local nursing home. Skyler and Harry have a special bond from the love of aviation. Jetstar shared there story earlier this year and the story was also in the inflight magazine about a friendship of 86yrs age difference . The friendship is priceless. Both Harry and Skyler 12, share so many stories with the love of aviation .

  5. This show is truly inspirational…a wonderful idea. I hope the Federal Government take note and provide some support for rolling this out across the country. So many people, young and old, stand to benefit.

  6. I live in WA and would like to be involved in helping set up a similar activity in Perth
    There is a new aged care facility near me in Claremont just being developed with a child care unit nearby

  7. We need more of this please. The medical benefits to the senior citizens – and the happy looks on their faces – says it all. It is not normal to separate the older generations from the young. The older generation need to be respected, not shut away and forgotten. The young can learn about life, history, and respect for their elders. We all need to mix together to learn from each other and help each other. Eric looked amazing at the end of the ABC program – he looked younger too!

    Please, expand this program to every corner of Australia and call out for volunteers to come and help with it – you will get people for sure.

  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed your Old People’s Home For 4 year olds. The results speak for themselves and I hope this programme is taken onboard by multiple Aged Care Facilities. As a previous pet therapy volunteer I know how these type of programmes assist in changing Aged Care Residents outlook. Goodluck in rolling out the programme to multiple Facilities. Carol

  9. I was privileged to be the director of one of our local kindergartens that conducted our program for 100 children in the home for the aged in Castlemaine Victoria for 10 weeks while our playroom was being renovated. Initially the staff at the home were cautious and concerned with 4year olds running “wild” over the home but after much shared program activity between the old and the young the staff were begging us to stay on and continue our program. I was totally enthralled with the show but in no doubt of the benefits. Well done and I hope much more will become of it for young and old alike.

  10. So happy, touched and inspired after watching this program. I wish you all the very best and I hope the Australian Government can see the benefit of this type of programs and help out more.

  11. This was one of the best things I’ve seen on tv recently. I’ve cried every episode some sad and some happy tears. I lost my nan this year, she was in a home and I saw her regularly but she shut herself off from everyone and stayed in her room. Maybe it’s program like this was in place she would have been happier and more mobile and lasted a bit longer. Kids will benefit from this too, learn patience, manners and kindness. Beneficial for everyone. Come on Australia!

  12. Fantastic interactivity the Children with the Seniors. My heart was so delighted when I watched. It’s amazing can see all improvement the both sides . 😉

  13. This is an amazing idea that helps both sides. It’s really thrilling. I hope this initiative can increase and become popular around all Australia and the world. It’s an important therapy for the elderly people and the kids of course have fun with that as well

  14. I love it!! Is truly inspirational and touching I hope that this not finish here in just a tv show the government should support this kind of initiatives.

  15. This programme is really touching. It shows us that despite the problems and issues of our world, we still have hope. There’s still love and empathy in our society, which means that we can put apart the differences and join to build the world we truly want and deserve.

  16. I think the show is very motivational for young people because It make me think about how I can help older people too who are involved in depression so they are living whitout purpose in this life and feeling lonely.

  17. This is the most beautiful and inspirational show I’ve ever seen. All of the children in the show are so kind for the elder people. And I totally agreed with someone who said “Laughing and being silly is really good for brain.”

  18. I’m very touched. It’s a brilliant idea and an opportunity to observe how simple things are so important. I hope other countries will be inspired by more programs like this.

  19. It was an adorable tv show. I was moved. This program is really beneficial and it made everyone feels happy!
    If I have an opportunity to be involved in this kind of program I definitely will join it and I hope it will become more popular in public!

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