ACT Intergenerational Playgroups spread love in COVID-19 Pandemic

ACT Intergenerational Playgroups spread love in COVID-19 Pandemic Our Intergenerational Playgroup programs have been bridging the gap between generations for several years now, with so many families and residents enjoying intergenerational interactions and forming lasting friendships. Last August, ABC iview series ‘Old people’s homes for 4yr olds’ brought a real awareness to the benefits and […]

All ages play: Intergenerational playgroups in residential aged care

This short article describes Playgroup Queensland’s pilot to provide an opportunity for aged care residents to engage in a weekly playgroup. Intergenerational programs promote social inclusion by creating opportunities for interaction between generations. This short article discusses an intergenerational playgroup pilot trialled in a Queensland aged care service. The pilot aimed to explore the potential […]

Intergenerational playgroup connects the young and young at heart

Playgroup Australia is delighted to partner with the ABC on a new series campaigning to raise awareness of the benefits of intergenerational care programs and play for all ages.  “It’s pretty amazing that a four-year-old has a best friend who’s 95 years old.”

The ABC embarks on an intergenerational experiment

Addressing Australia’s loneliness epidemic We’re excited to share the first taster of new series “Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds” by ABC TV + iview. Playgroup Australia and our member state and territory organisations our proud to be sharing the journey of such a great news story. The new series is set to air on Tuesday 27 August on ABC […]

Residents at Brisbane aged care facility share playgroup with young children

By Katherine Gregory Each week, Rowena Long brings her toddler and baby boys to an unusual kind of playgroup. At an aged care facility in Brisbane, her children spend their time playing games, interacting and singing with the older Australians who live there. Ms Long said the weekly appointment was a chance for her sons to […]

Joy of play bridges the generation gap

An age gap of more than a century didn’t stop Bolton Clarke Fairview, Pinjarra Hills resident Kittie, 103, and 15-month old Harrison Kremmer from having lots of fun putting a puzzle together at the first meeting of the residential aged care community’s new intergenerational playgroup. The  weekly meetings, where children aged between 0-5 years join residents […]

Tiny tots entertain the elderly in new intergenerational program

A group of pint-sized special guests visits a north Brisbane aged care facility every Wednesday and the residents say they are thrilled. Elyse Heyn, Quest Newspapers RESIDENTS at Mercy Community Aged Care in Nudgee have invited some pint-sized visitors into their home for a new program in conjunction with Playgroup Queensland. Every Wednesday, children involved […]

Ageless play program lifting spirits among aged care residents and children alike

By Malcolm Sutton It is perhaps one of modern society’s most ambivalent acts — bundling our elderly away to be looked after by strangers till death. But long before aged care homes became the norm, older people often stayed in family homes and played a large role in bringing up children. Playgroup SA chief executive Craig […]

‘Best day of the week’: The playgroup bringing children and elderly together

By Andrew Brown There is an age difference of several decades between them, but the bond between the participants of this Canberra playgroup couldn’t be stronger. Run by Playgroups ACT every Monday out of the Mirinjani aged care facility in Weston, the intergenerational initiative aims to bring some of Canberra’s youngest and oldest residents together […]