Benefits and Importance

Intergenerational playgroups are a fun, safe and educational way for children, parents, caregivers and older Australians to join together through a fun weekly activity to learn and connect through play.

Bringing different generations together fosters awareness, understanding and respect between generations, and breaks down social barriers and isolation commonly experienced by new parents and ageing communities.

Ageless Play Benefits include:

  • Learn through play
  • Develop social and language skills
  • Empathy, gentleness, respect and acceptance of others
  • Experience unbounded love
  • Patience and concentration
  • Experience interactions with elderly people
  • Extension of family
  • Develop social acceptance and appreciation for life
  • Make friends and build relationships across generations
  • Feel connected to their community
  • Feel valued as a parent
  • Feel valued as a ‘resource’ to young families
  • Connect (or reconnect) with extended family or other families within the local community
  • Break down feelings of isolation associated with aging
  • Increase their sense of self-esteem through meaningful relationships and offering their knowledge to a new generation of parents
  • Regain a sense of respect and value to their community
  • Improvements in wellbeing

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